Far over misty mountains cold


Sebastian Stan recreates what his face looked like when he found out they were doing the Winter Soldier storyline


people joke that star trek and star wars sound really similar and are really similar in subject matter but imo the difference between a trek and a war is immense and very important


god but sam teaching steve about music though just imagine

steve really digs marvin gaye and he checks out some of his other stuff on itunes (and man, talk about great, being able to just look up things about music at the snap of your fingers) and he brings up to sam that he’d love some more suggestions, music’s changed so much so what else have you got?

and sam cracks his knuckles, cracks open two beers, and sits steve down on his couch because they’re gonna go all the way back and start with robert johnson, and steve grins because even technology can’t get rid of that crackling and popping that he grew up with, not all the way

sam walks him through ray charles and chuck berry and otis redding and aretha franklin and elvis presley and nat king cole and muddy waters and willie dixon and steve loves it because he can hear his own roots in there, in those bold, happy jams, and sam claps him on the back and they branch out to prince and booker t & the mgs and bb king and eric clapton and steve is absolutely blown away by the time they reach jimi hendrix because human beings are incredible this music is incredible and sam is glowing with happiness when steve can’t find words any more for how ecstatic he is to hear all of this

so they meander through crosby stills and nash (and young) and simon & garfunkel and the beatles and the rolling stones and steve’s gonna start running out of notebook pages soon, but he keeps writing down everything that hits him just so, and the list goes on and on with the allman brothers band and fleetwood mac and the beach boys and ccr

he’s not too keen on what sam calls prog rock (or AC/DC; he thinks of tony, and then…….. yeah, he’ll give that a pass, thanks) but the who and cream and led zeppelin get added to the list, and sam deviates for a full hour to talk about led zeppelin and steve feels a huge thrill in his chest at those rippling blues riffs

beastie boys and nirvana and pearl jam get a shrug but he likes sugarhill gang and david bowie and then they start hitting years where sam can remember when these albums came out and when these bands were touring and man, there was a phase where every white boy had that n*sync hair, and steve really doesn’t want to know

so that’s the story of how natasha catches steve belting out single ladies when he thinks he’s home alone

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Lemme tell ya the best thing about season 9, alright? “Adam Raised A Cain” has always been relevant to Dean Winchester’s awful life, but now it’s become HILARIOUSLY literal. I love this, obviously.

Daddy worked his whole life for nothing but the pain
Now he walks these empty rooms, looking for something to blame
You inherit the sins, you inherit the flames

Good call! Has the show ever explicitly referenced the Boss? I can’t remember and am too tired to go internet researching. But, so, so appropriate. Darkness on the edge of town, indeed!

ETA: According to Superwiki, Bruce Springsteen is only mentioned once, by Dick Roman to Charlie, as a non-replaceable person; one who has a spark, like her.

Oh god, I forgot about that! (Oh, Robbie! More reasons why you’re my favorite :D)

And yessss darkness on the edge of town. Both, haha, conceptually, and the album. “Something In The Night”? “Streets Of Fire”? So Dean.

#cmonnn spn #americana! #biblical allusions! #working class protagonists! #critiques of authority! #sensitive tough guys who love their cars and project a false bravado to conceal their fragile masculinity! #supernatural is a springsteen song basically #bruce springsteen #supernatural

Re-blogging your awesome tags! (srsly, your “sensitive tough guy…” tag made me spit out my coffee, lol)

It kills me that they’ll never be able to clear Springsteen songs for the show, because Dean is a freaking Springsteen protagonist. The guy who thinks/fights for something better even though he know it’s going to fall apart when he tries. “Promised Land”? That song kills me, and is a little too on point for Dean this season.

Yes, yes SO on point!

I’ve done my best to live the right way
I get up every morning and go to work each day
But your eyes go blind and your blood runs cold
Sometimes I feel so weak I just want to explode
Explode and tear this whole town apart
Take a knife and cut this pain from my heart
Find somebody itching for something to start

"Well, everybody’s got a secret, Sonny,
Something that they just can’t face
Some folks spend their whole lives trying to keep it
They carry it with them every step that they take
Til someday they just cut it loose—
Cut it loose or let it drag them down,
Where no one asks any questions or looks too long in your face
In the darkness on the edge of town"


pretty sure Robbie has the same angsty Springsteen-based Dean Winchester playlist that I do

I mean, eiael-thinks and I have covered “Adam Raised A Cain” and “The Promised Land” already

but don’t talk to me about “Something In The Night”

Nothing is forgotten or forgiven
When it’s your last time around
I got stuff runnin’ round my head
That I just can’t live down

and don’t talk to me about “Factory”

Through the mansions of fear, through the mansions of pain,
I see my daddy walking through them factory gates in the rain

and definitely do not talk to me about “Streets Of Fire”

When the night’s quiet and you don’t care anymore,
And your eyes are tired and there’s someone at your door
And you realize you want to let go
And the weak lies and the cold walls you embrace
Eat at your insides and baby, I ain’t no liar—I walk
Streets of fire

I’m wandering, a loser down these tracks
And I’m lying, but babe, I can’t go back
‘Cause in the darkness I hear somebody call my name
And when you realize how they tricked you this time
And it’s all lies but I’m strung out on the wire
In these streets of fire

I live now only with strangers
I talk to only strangers
I walk with angels that have no place

because I will cry. I will shed literal tears and it will be terrible.

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"Criticisms about representations of gender (or race and other diversity) are often countered in fandom by sociological or scientific analyses attempting to explain why the inequality happens according to the internal logic of the fictional world. As though there is any real reason that anything happens in a story except that someone chose to write it that way.

Fiction is not Darwinian: It contains no impartial process of evolution that dispassionately produces the events of a fictional universe. Fiction is miraculously, fundamentally Creationist. When we make worlds, we become gods. And gods are responsible for the things they create, particularly when they create them in their own image.


Laura Hudson writes about the shotage of women characters in Star Wars fore Wired.com in her article "Leia is not enough:  Star Wars and the woman problem in Hollywood."

"Science fiction in particular has always offered a vision of the world not myopically limited by the world as it exists, but liberated by the power of imagination. Perhaps more than any genre of storytelling, it has no excuse to exclude women for so-called practical reasons — especially when it has every reason to imagine a world where they are just as heroic, exceptional, and well-represented as men."

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Was anyone else a little bit disappointed that the kick ass Lady Counsel Member turned out to be Natasha? Still love Natasha, but for a few glorious seconds, it was awesome to see an older woman come out of nowhere to kick ass. 

Oh hell yes.  For one glorious moment this movie was going to be the utter best thing ever made.  And then…. well it was still cool but such a disappointment we didn’t get unexpected kick ass over 40 woman. 

Did we ever even find out what happened to the counsel member?

#the directors confirmed that she’s alive and well #but YES #I FELT THE SAME WAY (thescentofwhiteroses)




Protip: This is a really bad question to ask when visiting the National Mall. We have 8 buildings surrounding the Mall, and a total of 19 museums, 9 research centers and the National Zoo. A S.H.I.E.L.D agent should know better! 

(We think she means the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in this case.)  

I love that this is on the Smithsonian’s tumblr

Whoever does social media for the Smithsonian is awesome. 


Biker!Cas for Aga (also a thank-you gift, because she drew me a lovely victorian!Destiel pic and she’s awesome :D). There was supposed to be a bike somewhere too, but it was ugly so I gave up drawing it at some point and so there’s only a helmet. And a cat. Both are barely visible because too much blaaaaack ;A;

Misha talking about pranks on set with Jared and Jensen. [x]


Captain America!AU: Jensen as Cap and Jared as Bucky.

I’m reuploading these old artworks per request. They date back November 2011 (hence my style being a bit different) and I drew them for a LJ challenge called Spn_Cinema. (Photoshop CS + SAI)


(57) Josie Sands’ Letter

Dear Mom,

I know you aren’t here anymore. But wherever you are, I’m sure you can hear me. I’m in the right career to believe that your loved ones still keep an eye on you even from beyond the grave. I should know, I’ve studied enough ghost cases.

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